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We have to expand our storage capacity every now and then because our aim is to sell only dry wood to our customers. The natural air drying, which often lasts for many years, requires new storage capacity on a regular basis, because often after the purchase of a lot of wood it has to be forgotten to be stacked on strips for a longer period of time in order to be dry and saleable one day. We take the liberty of this old-fashioned luxury at the present time, because it corresponds to our philosophy and in our opinion it is the only right way to comprehensively do justice to such a rare and valuable material as precious wood. As a side effect, we can also compensate the constantly rising prices of wood on the market: we do not consider this drying wood as a blocked financial volume, but enjoy the increase in value that these rare woods usually experience. Take a look at our new warehouse here in this gallery. Its shelves are currently filling up daily, as we are gradually sorting pallets with wood that have been provisionally removed from storage into the new heavy-duty shelving!

We are happy that we could get a real rarity for our customers again: a huge trunk of horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum), which had grown over and over with burls, could be bought for our customers! Although buds had recently sprouted on the tree, the tree had to be felled. The inside of the tree was already so badly devoured by mushrooms that the tree would probably not have been able to withstand the next strong storm and thus posed a threat to its urban environment. For us, Horse Chestnut Burl is one of the most beautiful native exotic species, the wood is incredibly finely grained: with thousands of finest burl eyes, often with silky structure and a colour spectrum ranging from almost yellow-white to silvery greyish-yellow to reddish-brown and even green and blue-grey, just like its American relative Buckeye Burl (Aesculus californicus). After thorough drying we will soon be able to offer you beautiful pieces of this wood in our shop, because the wood is relatively soft, certainly also in stabilized form!

A few days ago we received a heavy, large box full of beautiful wood, which was also very nicely packed: in such a massive box of oak boards you don't get things delivered every day. Special thanks to the sender for the great packaging - even if it was a hard piece of work to get the contents! In the box was then after longer handling with the crow bar and approx. 200 long nails a large quantity of very fine and mighty burl sections of a black locust tree, which had grown in the forest and in the course of a thinning had to be felled. After a considerable drying time, this uniquely fine wood will be available to our customers. The first accelerated dried pieces will soon be available in our shop!

We are proudly announcing the achievement of a larger load of AAA grade curly birch in our warehouse. Now all orders for knife blocks and scales, pen blanks and pistol scales can be provided!