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Precision Angles + Antique Tools

We have been supplying the Welz company with fine and noble woods for their precision tool production for years, and what started out as a rather private small series with fancy precious woods for the handles has become a friendly business relationship over the years. Instead of the Honduras palisander usually used, a wide variety of wood species suitable for this purpose can be used here on request for the individual production of a wood that reflects the personal taste of the buyer.
There is not much to say about the angle, except that its quality is impeccable, the accuracy is excellent, the finish is beautiful, and the design is absolutely classic, after all, the design goes back to the precision angles of the famous Ulmia Company, which are well known to every German cabinetmaker.
They are precision tools of the highest quality with a head piece made of high quality precious woods with handle grooves and brass profile rails embedded on both sides. The steel rail is hardened and blued, the connection of head piece and steel rail is made by a brass frame embedded on both sides with quadruple riveting, for miter gauge with double riveting. This connection guarantees a high and durable measuring accuracy of 0.03 mm. The surface is provided with a high-quality natural varnish.