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The constant expansion of our workshop to include precision cuts for instrument makers and in particular for knifemakers and small knife manufacturers has led to an expansion of our machine equipment, which has been completed for the time being with a total of three precision circular saws from Ulmia, a high quality planer with tungsten spiral cutterhead, a large bandsaw with stellite tipped saw blades, a wide belt sander and a highly effective modern dust extraction system.

We are now ideally positioned to offer you high-precision dimensionally accurate cuts in knife handle shells, blocks and other thin strips from 3 mm thickness. By using special thin-cutting saw blades, we have been able to minimize the cutting loss of the valuable woods. By further modifying the Ulmia circular saws, already known for their precision, we are able to offer you manufacturing tolerances in the range of 0.5 mm, which are otherwise unusually low for the processing of solid wood.

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