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Another new warehouse!

We have to expand our storage capacity every now and then, because our aim is to sell only dry wood to our customers. The natural air drying process, which often lasts for many years, therefore requires new storage capacity on a regular basis, since often after the purchase of a batch of wood it has to be stacked on strips for a longer period of time before being ready for sale one day..

We take the liberty of this old-fashioned luxury in the fast-moving times of goods handling as fast as possible, because it corresponds to our philosophy and in our opinion it is the only right way to comprehensively do justice to such a rare and valuable material as precious wood.

As a side effect we can also compensate a little bit for the constantly rising wood prices on the market, we do not regard this drying wood as a blocked financial volume, but enjoy of course also the increase in value, which these rare woods usually experience.

Take a look at our new warehouse here in this gallery, its shelves are filling up every day, as we are gradually sorting pallets of wood that have been provisionally removed from storage into the new heavy-duty shelving.

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