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A rare piece of nature's splendor!

Mahogany mamelonne: A rare splendor of nature
Even we, who deal with the living material wood on a daily basis, are surprised again and again by the richness of species and the variety of growth forms of noble woods. Nature's ingenuity is inexhaustible, as the example of the log shown here proves. The 15 m long log is in fact an equally rare and beautiful specimen of a sapele mahogany with an extraordinary mamelonné and pommelé structure.
The jungle giant with this unique double pattern arrived in July 1984 from Cameroon via Rotterdam at the Danzer veneer plant in Kehl at the Rhine.
The largest diameter of this imposing log is 3.30 m, and its total volume is 53.25 m3.
The pronounced mamelonné pattern can already be seen on the exterior of the log, in the bulges typical of this type of wood. The wave-like course of the grain resulting from this growth and the pommelé structure, which is clearly visible in the picture on the lower right, resulted in a special decorative veneer pattern when peeled, as shown in the adjacent illustration. The large-surface veneers are used for furniture.
Source: Holz Aktuell, issue 5-1985, Karl Danzer Furnierwerke, Reutlingen, Germany.
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