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1A Olive Wood Scantlings with fine dense grain arrived

I can hardly hide, that olive wood is one of my absolute favorite woods. And when a batch of particularly beautiful and finely grained wood turns up, I can hardly help but buy that lot. That's exactly what happened to me here: A few thousand really very fine grained scantlings in a dimension not previously listed at the fine wood sale: 30 x 30 mm thickness.
Without exaggeration, these scantlings are among the most beautiful wood I have ever had: they are spectacularly colored, very fine and densely grained, indescribably fragrant, simply top quality.
The downer about this lot, however, is unfortunately that it is still relatively fresh and therefore needs to dry for some time before we will post these scantlings in the store. But if you look at these photos, you'll agree that it's worth waiting a bit until they're dried enough to be sold and processed.
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