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Pear Tree Methuselah!

Rarely does one ever have the chance to find unsteamed pear wood as a dealer, since as a rule on the commercial route from the submission to the sawmill and then to the classic timber trade pear wood is steamed in all regularity. Completely nonsensical, however, as this turns the beautiful golden yellow hue into a dull pale pink. Why is this done? No idea, it has always been done this way....and I find the tone of muted pear boring and dull. I was therefore all the more pleased when I was able to buy from a private source a freshly cut pear tree that had not been steamed and was presented in all its beauty in its natural golden yellow colour. Even greater was the joy over such a Methuselah of pear tree, which despite its surely more than a hundred years of life, the tree showed no rot in the core, but was impeccably healthy.
Unfortunately, the tree had to make way for an access road to a property, and I am therefore pleased to be able to offer this special wood to our customers soon after some drying. A pear tree trunk with almost 70 cm diameter of the earth trunk is certainly not ordinary at all. But that is our business: to find unusual wood and then offer it to our customers. In this respect, nothing unusual anymore...
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