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Olivewood, new arrival


We have again done something very old-fashioned: we have bought a few tons of the most beautiful olive wood in form of scantlings and blocks. But as beautiful as this wood may be, it will disappear for several years into our climate-regulated wood store in shelves, where it has to dry slowly and very carefully to a processable moisture content. As sorry as we are ourselves, and as much as we would love to sell these woods right now, so old-fashioned are our principles as timber merchants: You as our customers should not have any nasty surprises with cracks or warping later on when working on them! Putting your work and time into a beautiful wild piece of wood, in order to have to accept a loss of the created object, is a bitter disappointment. And so that this does not happen, we only deal with dry wood, even if the business dogma is that a warehouse has to be turned over as quickly as possible: we flout about such truism and forget about our wood for a few years on the shelf. Even if other suppliers offer soaking wet fresh wood, there is only seasoned and dry wood for the sale of precious wood. Our customers have appreciated this since 2005.
But even if we only make your mouth water, we are all so happy about the uniquely beautiful wood that we dare to say a few words about it: It is really beautifully grained wood that comes from centuries-old olive trees - unpacking the pallets is a feast for eyes, hands and nose: The often wildly flamed and very decorative wood does not only look beautiful, each piece is unique and reflects the history of a centuries-old olive culture in the Mediterranean. But it is not only very beautiful, heavy and dense, it also smells indescribably pleasant, a little bit like olives, a little bit like wild fruit, with a pinch of tangy, spicy woody scent, always very aromatic - the smell is difficult to describe. The rest is told by the pictures!

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