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Bog Oak- Thousands Of Years History


We were once again able to get hold of a really special batch of black bog oak wood for our customers: with a trunk length of 17 metres and a diameter of approx. 70 - 80 centimetres from the second trunk length, one can only speak of a real giant tree. This trunk was found in a gravel pit while digging and was surprisingly well preserved, in particular it had become really pitch black in the course of the thousands of years it had been lying there underground. We had the trunk incised and brought it as quickly as possible to our specially designed storage room, so that the very sensitive wood does not dry too quickly and tear: this is the greatest danger for the wood and at the same time a real art, because a halfway crack-free drying is a tedious matter. On occasion we will cut off a piece of a core plank and have this sample age determined. The last games were about 1700 and 6400 years old - a really exciting show of what was going on on earth at that time when these giant trees were still small and growing!

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