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Ein schöner Bericht über das Thema Maserholz im zeitgenössischen Möbelbau in der FAS vom 10.03.2024

Ein Bericht von 2022 im Berliner Tagesspiegel:

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Im Reich der Exoten

Workshop visit to Noblekey: German broadcaster N-TV visited our workshop with a film crew in 2013: As part of a report on special, individual and custom-made luxury keys from the company Noblekey, it was shown in our machine room how an important ingredient for these fascinating unique pieces is created, from the selection from our huge range to the cutting of the blanks for the housing caps of the keys! We are pleased to supply a small but essential component for the Noblekey: fine and precious woods from all over the world!

2015: Amboina burl is one of the rarest and most expensive woods in the world. Its warm and fiery red color, its flawless and defect-free huge burls have always made it an extremely expensive wood, which was generally only used as a veneer in the highest quality furniture construction. We were able to purchase a huge burl for our timber trade, which has since found its way into our sales department. These pictures show some of the steps involved in cutting the solid sections. Of course, it is important to lose as little of the expensive wood as possible during the cutting process. We therefore use special carbide-tipped circular saw blades, whose cutting loss remains as low as possible due to the low thickness of less than 2 mm. The planer with its stellite-tipped special knives is also set to an ultra-fine cutting depth of just a few tenths of a millimeter, so that the most expensive wood in the world is not turned into chips any more than absolutely necessary!

Ebony saw-cut veneer made from West African ebony - highest quality due to the cutting on a historic veneer frame saw from 1880.

Even 35 years ago, burls on trees exerted an irresistible attraction on the founder of the company Edelholzverkauf, as can easily be seen in this photo from the early 90s of the last century. Standing at the side of a road, this ash-leaved maple (Box Elder) with its large, finely grained burl immediately attracted the attention of the owner, who happened to be driving past and, judging by the look on his face, seemed to be wondering where he could get a chainsaw and, above all, what the consequences would be if this magnificent and healthy tree were to be felled. Fortunately, after a suitable period of deliberation, all the considerations ended up in the only right direction: let the passenger take a photo as a souvenir and drive on with a heavy heart.