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AAAA Thuja burl from old stock!

During the past ten years, it has become increasingly difficult to obtain Thuya burl wood of good quality. The tubers excavated in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco became smaller and smaller, which meant that the ratio of well-grained wood to plain wood developed very negatively. At the same time, because of the constantly high demand, even the purchase price for this wood increased sharply, and although the prices were sometimes outrageously high, we continued to have this wood in our assortment. For about one to two years, hardly any items were available in our shop made of this wood, simply because the supply at the same time was getting worse and less well grained. Fortunately, we were able to buy a huge thuja burl that is about 50 years old, which was dug up in Morocco mountains at a time when such huge burls still existed.
But as it is almost always the case when you buy such tubers: either they are cut open so that you can examine the quality and grain inside, and then the price is also determined. The other possibility is to buy such a tuber in salvage condition, i.e. not cut open at all, and thus take the high risk of pulling a long face after the first cut, because the inside of the burl may be rotten, full of holes, bumpy, cracked or poorly grained. Then, unfortunately, one has grabbed the sh..t deep for a lot of money.
In this case, however, the whole thing turned out well, the large tuber weighing approx. 120 kg was flawless through and through, perfectly grained and free of cracks. The even distribution of the fine eye grain is really very beautiful, there are hardly any ungrained areas, and as a result we are once again able to supply you with first-class thuja burl wood at fair prices at fair prices!
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