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Spanish cedar in stock again


For a long time we have been selling cedro from south America and especially Brazil, better known to most users as Spanish cedar. The name is a reflection of the timber trade from the New World to Europe: Spanish vessels were the first to import this pleasant-smelling wood to Europe at the end of the 17th century. The wood, which despite its lightness has a high strength and at the same time smells so beguilingly good, was called cedar because of its fragrance, and since it was Spanish ships that imported the wood, yet the name Spanish cedar was established.
We sell Spanish cedar mostly for humidors in various shapes and sizes, from small humidors for only a few cigars to entire walk-in humidor rooms, often containing thousands of valuable cigars from the most diverse countries. In order to give these precious cigars the best possible protection against loss of aroma, drying out and thus loss of value, genuine Spanish cedar is the acknowledged best wood for storage with particularly good moisture management. But cedro is also the wood of choice for the neck of sophisticated guitars, especially for handcrafted one-off acoustic concert guitars: lightness combined with high bending stiffness and resonance make this wood an indispensable quality feature.
Now, due to a larger order, our stocks were running low and we were glad to be able to take a lot of Cedro of the very best and flawless quality into our tempered warehouse: Such quality is not always available, especially since for some time now this wood has been on the Cites list, meaning that only legal, certified wood with proof of origin may be traded.
Also for guitar builders we have again very beautiful Cedro blanks for guitar necks in stock, often with perfectly standing annual rings and in flawless quality.
Our stock is well filled again and we will gladly supply you with precise blanks in desired thicknesses, lengths and widths. You can find our cerdo items as always in this category, feel free to write us an email for a quote if we do not have your desired dimension in the webshop.

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