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Ziricote- a bitchy diva

We have carried this mostly difficult species since the beginning of our lumber trade, but there was always frustration and disappointment involved when this beautiful wood had to be cut into articles. I can remember many an outburst of rage when a plank of Ziricote lay on the saw, looking very good and almost crack-free from the outside, but then after the first cuts it turned out to be so cracked on the inside that most of it either ended up in the firewood box, or at most penblanks or with a bit of luck some knife blocks resulted.
I have a particularly bad memory of a batch of Ziricote that I bought as logs, then had them cut up into planks to be dried down to workable moisture content in a kiln. At first, everything looked good, the planks had little to no cracks, and you look forward to the expected cuts you can make from the beautiful planks.
Reality then caught up with me at the sliding table saw where the wide planks were to be rough cut. When the longitudinal edges were trimmed, the world was still fine, but the first cross-sections for cutting to length revealed the whole catastrophe: the planks were crisscrossed on the inside with several cracks that severely limited their usability. There was real frustration, including a rather desperate outburst of anger...all the work, the money, the long wait, the patience until the wood was dry - all for nothing. Since then, my relationship with Ziricote has been very split. I still love the wood, there is perhaps no other wood besides Brazilian rosewood that can have such crazy, bizarre and psychedelic grain patterns, the dark brown color with the black sharply defined lines is something very special. However, my experience with the severe cracking of this wood has greatly dampened my enthusiasm and rarely led me to buy this expensive wood again in any appreciable quantity.
But as it often goes in life, many a disappointed love can flare up again when circumstances are favorable. And that is now the case with us, I was able to buy a nice batch of this wood, and this time, amazingly, all went well between me and the bitchy wood: rarely have I seen such beautiful, crack-free and best grained Ziricote, it is simply a great pleasure to cut this wood. There are some spectacular scantlings and boards with stunning grain posted in the store now (2023-02), and surely there will be far more in the future. I am pleased to be able to offer you such beautiful wood as this Zirikote!
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