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Makassar-rare beauty.


Once again we have had great luck and were at the right place at the right time: a larger old batch of very beautiful Makassar wood was for sale and despite the high price we did not hesitate. In all likelihood, it will hardly ever be possible to buy something like this again on the market, because Indonesia has long ago imposed an export ban on all unprocessed wood.  For this reason, well-grained Makassar has been extremely difficult to obtain on the wood market for a long time, and often it is only very narrow boards that can be bought at high prices.
Such large blocks with a diameter of almost 30 cm are an absolute exception, they have veneer quality and are simply beautiful. As the pictures show, the result after ripping was better than could be expected with much optimism; such perfectly figured and almost completely crack-free Makassar is rare. As always: Coming soon in this webshop!

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