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Elm Burl XXL Block

It is rare to be lucky enough to find such and huge and heavy burl of an elm tree, which is neither rotten inside, nor boring grained, but shows such beauty: Highly figured burl wood is rather rare, as most of these trees develop straight and simple grained stems. This wood is an absolutely rare classic.  Elm burl (Ulmus procera) from the Carpathian elm tree is a very attractive burl wood with a wide range of colors. It can have many different colors from yellowish pale to glowing red to rich denkel brown figured and is rarely as beautifully grained as these pieces of stem burl wood. A disease rampant throughout Europe, caused by fungi, decimated the elm population quite significantly, making the wood a rare species. The wood is highly figured and shows fine irregular burl patterns all over the piece, it is beautiful for a bowl and lots of other fine turnings!

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