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AAAA Grade Olive Wood new in stock!

Although the handling of precious and rare woods is part of our daily business, we are all always very happy when a new shipment of olive wood arrives. This month, we were finally able to receive a large shipment of olive wood and scantlings here, and the daily joy of unpacking the large boxes while stacking them on the shelves is indescribable: the wood smells wonderfully aromatic, is very pleasant to touch and, above all, it never ceases to amaze us with its incredible range of grains, colors, textures and growth characteristics: this range is larger than that of any other wood! Especially beautiful scantlings from ancient, no longer fruit-bearing wild olive trees are so beautiful that many are immediately put aside and after proper drying will go on sale as especially beautiful and extremely fine and wild grained premium scantlings.
The wood comes from a special variety of olive tree, the extremely slow and fine-grained Lianolia Kerkyra  tree species, which is a speciality among all other olive trees in the Mediterranean area. The Venetians offered a premium for planted olive trees of this imported variety in order to ensure their own supply of olive oil, during their reign already in the 16th century, thus allowing them to produce large quantities of olive oil not only for the Vatican. Thus the wine culture, which had been predominant on Greek islands until then, disappeared and as a result whole forests of olive trees covered islands in the Mediterranean Sea.
The usual olive trees from Spain or Italy are on the other hand with much fertilizer fast grown, rather on high wood yield trimmed sorts, these supply usually fast grown and little beautifully grained coarse wood, which is in no case comparable with the special wild olive wood present here. The only downer in the delivery is that we have to store this wood carefully stacked with distancing strips on our shelves to forget it for several years: only after proper drying can we offer this wood to our customers. In order to create space on the shelves for our more than 10.000 newly received olive wood edges, we will be posting special offers of olive wood in the near future. So join us in celebrating this special pearl of nature: the most beautiful olive wood!
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