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New Arrival: XL Bayur Burl Slabs

It is rare to get such huge slices of pure burl wood, that's why we did not even hesitate to buy this exotic wood from SE-Asia, which was unknown to us at first. The size of the huge slices, the massive and very unusually large thicknesses and the beautiful red colour were the reason to buy this lot without hesitation, not even having it seen in reality.
After a scientific microscopic identification of the wood, the species turned out to be Bayur (Pterospermum javanicum), a wood completely unknown here in Europe, whose natural geographic distribution includes Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia.  Bayur or Wadang Burl is the burl wood of a tree growing in Indonesia, especially on the east coast of Java, which is rarely available on the international timber market and has been spread to other South East Asian countries. The tree grows to a height of approx. 30-45 metres, often grows crooked and with splayed backs, becomes approx. 1 - 1.5 metres thick, its wood is medium hard and medium heavy, approx. 600 - 700 kg/m3. Because of its unfamiliarity it is often described as red burlwood. The wood can grow up to huge burls on the stem, which can often reach a diameter of 1.50 metres and always have a fine and even grain, fine swirls, eyes, sleeping buds and wild structures. The wood is very easy to work with due to its fine structure and will surprise every woodworker after an application of oils or any other polish with its silky shimmer and an attractive red colour!

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