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Camphor Burl Tabletops XXL

We have recently received a large load of huge camphor wood burl slabs and boards from Southeast Asia, these boards certainly represent a rather unique rarity in this size and special burl structure.
The wood of the camphor tree is not only very beautifully structured, it shows many burly eyes, buds, swirly grain and wild growths, in addition it smells very beguilingly pleasant and fresh. There are some really beautiful already sanded and primed thick slabs which are wonderfully suitable as table tops and will not only look beautiful, but also attract the attention of all.
The camphor tree (Cinnamomum camphora) belongs to the family of laurel trees whose original growth area Taiwan, Japan and the southeast of China is. Today, larger populations can be found in Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. The trees, which grow up to 30 m tall and often become very old, have the typical shiny leathery leaves of the laurel family. The wood of camphor trees has a unique strong, spicy aromatic scent, which most people know from cold ointments or tiger balm. The camphor oil contained in all plant parts plays an important role in medicine, but it is also important for perfume production.
The wood gains every wood craftsman by a silky charisma, it is medium-hard, approx. 550 - 650 kg/m3 heavy and can be worked excellently, it is particularly resistant against rotting and any pest infestation. For this reason, old sailors sea chests were always made of camphor wood, because this was not attacked by exotic insects and the laundry in it always smelled pleasantly fresh!
The tree can develop really huge burls, which show a beautiful fine cloudy grain and whose colours can range from light brown-grey to yellowish-green and red-brown to deep dark red. Large slices of camphor burl are certainly among the rarest and most beautiful burl woods in the world.
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