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Yew burl


Sometimes the acquisition of new interesting and rare wood can take quite a long time, but stability often leads to the goal: this gigantic block yew burl was on my shopping list for a long time, but it could only be bought by me after a long time. As always with the purchase of round wood, the anxious question here is: What does the log look like from the inside, does the wood keep what it promises to contain from the outside after cutting the log?
In this case the affair turned out well, and the first impressions from the sawmill were already very promising: you could very fine burl wood, extremely slow-growing and fine-grained, this log represents a real special feature and rarity. But this trunk contained not only finest burl wood, but also a respectable quantity of large gravel stones, which had grown inside the giant block and probably found their way into the crown of this mighty tree by human hand. In any case, these stones could have been used for paving a path in the sawmill, so that these unwanted innards could also have found a meaningful use.

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