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Ebony new arrived!


We are glad to be able to offer our customers ebony in old, seasoned and dry quality. Recently we have been able to buy a larger quantity of a few tons good quality and large diameter ebony sawn timber and squares that have been in stock for years aready. After a long period of sorting for colour, quality and freedom from cracks, they are now stored in our new warehouse and will be available and can be ordered by our valued customers in our shop.

It was a lot of work to check, grade and sort several tons of ebony, to carefully stack them with stacking strips into the storage racks and to put them in catagory position. But for us it goes without saying that we only offer our customers good quality products in a broad assortment and the best quality. After all, we have what is presumably the largest online stock of ebony available, which can be ordered according to mostly individual pictures and whose woods are dispatched promptly on the working day after receipt of payment. Thousands of customers have found ebony for their needs at our shop already, and we are happy to have a lager quantity of ebony in stock again, so that we can supply this worldwide demand from Berlin!

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