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New Olivewood Arrived!


Last month we were at the Mediterranean sea to inspect and check a batch of olive wood squares. On this occasion, the opportunity arose to sift and buy a large quantity of particularly fine and really beautifully grained sawn timber from centuries-old olive trees, all cut into practical 50-65 mm thick planks. Even though these planks will be stored in our climate-controlled warehouse for several years before they are dry enough to be sold, we will show you a selection of pictures of these uniquely beautiful and unlike any other piece of olive wood. You can hardly imagine our joy when we were able to unload the lorry load of fragrant olive wood here and finally were able to take possession of the superbly grained planks - such unique beautiful wood is a very special pleasure for us, too, as routine traders in the trade with special and rare precious woods.

During this trip we visited many addresses in search of especially beautifully grained very old and wide planks of this wood. The centuries-old olive groves, which are still cultivated today, with their age-old, rugged tree giants, the often bizarre looking trunks and growth forms have always reliably triggered a step on the brakes and a subsequent photo stop with many shots taken. The photos of these natural monuments are shown here, especially unique are the trunks that look like braided braids, which often reach a diameter of about 1 meter and certainly took several hundred years to form these bizarre shapes. It is also noticeable that in very old trunks the inside of the tree trunk is almost completely decayed and hollowed out, but the tree nevertheless forms powerful new shoots and carries very good quantities of olives. Not for nothing is this tree the symbol of fertility, longevity and peace!