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Achtung, Amboina-Alarm!


Sometimes you just have to be patient to get a real rarity: After Mercedes-Benz had failed so badly with their four-wheeled Maybach dinosaur, for a long time there was no Amboyna burl on the market worthy of the name. In order to produce the Maybach from 2002 onwards, all major veneer manufacturers had to enter into supply contracts with the manufacturer in order to be able to supply this veneer in 1A quality and the required quantity on a long-term basis. With a demand of well over 10 m2 per vehicle, it was believed that a large quantity of Amboina veneer would be needed in the long term to ensure the long-term supply of the manufacturer or its suppliers. As a result, all the quantities of Amboina burl available on the market flowed to Maybach or its suppliers, who processed this extremely rare and expensive wood almost completely into veneers in order to be able to comply with the supply contracts. After the production of the Maybach was stopped in 2012, huge quantities of Amboyna veneer still lie on the shelves of the suppliers, the market for the veneer is completely saturated, new burls have hardly been imported due to the oversupply, and the quantities of burls available on the world market were already very small. We were now able to buy a large and beautiful burl, which fortunately has not yet been processed into paper-thin veneers, but which comes from the iron stock of one of the suppliers and still had its natural shape. Of course, there was a truly princely price to pay for this rarity, and the tuber was only very little of its inner value to be seen - the full risk lay with the buyer, us! After the payment came the day of truth, when this burl was carefully cut into different plates and slices on a log band saw and after long consultation of all involved. To make a long story short: our expectations were exceeded, the grain inside the tuber is really spectacular, very fine and really bright red, without bark ingrowths, foxing, lazy spots or "baldness", spots with little or no grain! After moistening, the wood develops a uniquely beautiful lustre, optical depth and the incredibly fine structure with all its wavy grain, burl eyes and sapwood colours is truly unique! Anyone who ever holds this wood in their hands will know the fascination of this flawless material and why for centuries this very noble and rare burl wood has been one of the most expensive woods on the world market, if it is not by far the most expensive wood used for furniture, veneers, furnishings and handicrafts! On the photos you get an impression, which metamorphosis the wood goes through, from the raw, rather unsightly tuber up to finished pairs of knife handles, still lying on the table of the saw! We are happy to be able to offer our customers real 1-A-Amboyna burl again.

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