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We were able to get hold of a nice bog oak post, which we have just stored in our cellar. This bog oak grew around 500 A.D. near Bad Gandersheim, until this tree at an age of about 150 years got under the water surface or under boggy soil due to a storm or something similar. Under oxygen exclusion this 8 meters long and approx. 60 cm thick trunk lay well protected in the earth under optimal conditions until 2008 and outlasted the last 1500 years of contemporary history until this trunk could be found and salvaged during maintenance work in a body of water. The crack-free drying of such bog oak is a big problem, but we were able to solve it - we are confident that from autumn 2010 we will be able to offer our customers pieces of these beautiful and remarkably wide, beautifully dark planks via our webshop!

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