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New Arrival of Holly logs!


Although holly (Ilex aquifolius) grows almost everywhere in Germany, the wood of these trees is one of the rarities in the wood trade: a utilization of trunks is already difficult because they are usually interspersed with unbelievably many branches, rarely reach really large diameters and the wood is hardly known. In addition, according to the Federal Ordinance on the Protection of Species, wildly growing holly is protected and may therefore not be felled. Fortunately, however, we were able to buy a very large quantity (approx. 2 tons) of this interesting wood and have now had these trunks sawn into sawn timber of various thicknesses. After a special treatment immediately after cutting to prevent discoloration by fungi, the wood is now pre-dried to such an extent that we could stack it in blocks. Now the wood, which is very sensitive to greying, must dry in our warehouse until further processing is possible. Look forward with us to the probably largest offer of this rare, almost white and very hard precious wood!

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