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Terms and Conditions

The contract language is German. The version in German language of this disclaimer is binding - this English translation is provided for informational purposes only.

General terms and conditions of Business

We conduct business exclusively as stated following. Please read these terms carefully. Any changes or different conditions can only be agreed to, when confirmed by us in writing. All offered objects are subject to confirmation. Our business terms are as follows:

1. Price and Invoice

Minimum Order Billing is in EURO (€) only. All prices are including the legal VAT. Each shipment will be accompanied by an invoice showing single item price, subtotal sum, shipping costs and VAT amount itself. The minimum order amount is 9.50 Euro.

2. Delivery to Switzerland and other non-EU countries

We will gladly ship any orders to Switzerland or any other non-EU country. Payment without any additional bank charges to our account is an essential condition or payment through Paypal. The refund of VAT after an export to third party countries will be carried out by means of the initially chosen method of payment. For this we require proper export certificates in the original stamped provided with a customs stamp. Because of the costs we charge a processing fee of 10,00 EUR which is deducted from the tax to be refunded. When refunded to a foreign bank account, the customer must bear the full transfer costs resulting from this money transfer. If delivery is made to non-EU countries, additional customs duties, taxes or fees may be payable by the customer, but not to the supplier, but to the competent customs or tax authorities there. The customer is advised to ask the customs or tax authorities for details before placing an order.

3. Alteration of Offers

Delivered items may differ in grain and wood structure from descriptions and product photos, however, a note will be made under the dimensions in each item description indicating this possible deviation in the sense of "Sample photos, actual pieces may differ." If the description of the item expressly refers to the binding illustration, e.g. in the sense of "You will get excactly the depicted blank", you will receive exactly the item offered and illustrated. Please also note the information on the article pages in particular, in which we refer to the small cracks, bark ingrowths, pin knots and swirls typical of burl wood; these are to be accepted as typical of the material and do not constitute grounds for complaint.

4. Dimensions and Measures

Wood is a natural material that reacts to changes in humidity or temperature fluctuations even after - years, so that wood dried for countless years or even stabilized wood can react to this with shrinkage, warping or dimensional changes. Therefore, even with careful measurement of the dimensions, tolerances to the delivery dimension may occur. These can be +/- 1-5 mm, or even more in the case of larger pieces. All dimensions mentioned have been determined conscientiously, but due to the characteristics of the material they are to be regarded as approximate dimensions with a tolerance customary for the material. Pieces of wood with angular cross-sections, longitudinal edges or corners may be rounded or have minor defects such as dents, indentations, sapwood or bark residues. Wood pieces that are intended for specific uses on the basis of a clear description, such defects are no reason for complaint, as these spots would disappear anyway during processing for the intended purpose. In the event of deviations between the approximate dimensions stated in the object description (=typographical errors) and the dimensions which are legibly noted on the timbers or can be determined on the basis of a metric scale shown, the value shown in the illustrations shall in any case be binding for the delivered item.

5. Delivery Time

We ship your orders workdays upon receipt of payment until 13 hrs, or if wanted by appointment later.

6. Methods of Payment

  1. Prepayment - For existing customers we offer payment by bank transfer, you will automatically receive the bank information for the payment with the order confirmation.
  2. Paypal- worldwide daily shipping.
  3. SOFORT bank transfer
  4. Credit card payment
  5. Apple Pay
  6. EPS for Austria

7. Conditions of Payment, Delayed Payments

The invoiced amount is due immediately upon receipt. If payment is delayed 10 days after invoicing buyer, buyer is responsible for payment, independent of notice or reminder, (§286 Abs.3 BGB) and a handling fee of 2,- € will be charged.

8. Returns, Exchanges, Undeliverable Items

Please use the parcel service with which you received the goods. Do not process, damage or contaminate the goods. If possible, return the goods to us in their original packaging. You must enclose the invoice as an paper original (i.e. not a copy). If you no longer have the original packaging, please ensure sufficient protection against transport damage with suitable packaging. Do not send the goods back to us freight collected, we will not accept this. We will gladly send you a stamped parcel stamp in advance, in case that the costs of return are not to be paid by you. If the buyer is responsible for the non-deliverability of a consignment, he shall bear the additional costs arising therefrom. Shipments are considered undeliverable if no authorized recipient is found and the collection period has expired, acceptance by the recipient or an authorized recipient is refused or the recipient cannot be identified at the address provided by him. A refusal of acceptance shall also include the prevention of delivery via an existing receiving device (e.g. tucking/prohibition to throw in the house letter or parcel box) or the refusal to hand in the confirmation of receipt.

9. Right of Revocation in Consumer Agreements

The following provision shall apply only to private consumers (any natural person who enters into a legal transaction for a purpose which can be attributed neither to his/her commercial or independent professional activities) living inside the EU, according to the German Civil Code (§13 BGB)

  1. Consumers may revoke their declaration to conclude a sales contract within a period of 14 days in writing (e-mail will suffice) or by returning the goods without stating a reason. The term commences earliest upon receipt of these legal instructions. The timely sending of a termination notice is sufficient to protect the deadline. The postmark stamp will apply.
    The cancellation shall be forwarded to the seller's address: Edelholzverkauf Monumentenstr. 33 - 34 10829 Berlin Germany. 
  2. Please use the original packaging and add your address and invoice number! Please post parcel properly as freight forwarding at sellers cost will be refused!
  3. Revocation is excluded for agreements regarding the delivery of merchandise produced according to customer specification or clearly designed for the personal requirements. Otherwise § 312d Sect. 4 BGB (Civil Code) applies. All custom ordered sales are final.
  4. If the customer is unable to return the merchandise either in total or in part or only in deteriorated condition (e.g. cutting, planing, sanding, carving, applying material penetrating or changing the surface of natural material as wood, horn, mother-of-pearl, ivory or similar) the customer must reimburse the seller for the corresponding decrease in value in the event of his revocation. If the customer has already paid the purchase price, we are entitled to deduct the decrease in value from the amount to be reimbursed. In the individual case, the decrease in value may correspond to the purchase price paid.

End of Revocation Right Announcement

10. Fulfilment Place, Legal Domicile, Reservation of Ownership

The place with jurisdiction for fulfilment and hearings in the case of registered business persons and all persons here and abroad is Berlin.

The goods delivered will remain the property of the supplier until all demands for payment have been fully met.

11. Data Privacy Policy

We will not collect any data through our website unless necessary to handle your purchase, all data will be kept confident with us and will not be given to any other third party or used for other purposes other than to transact your order. Our intention is privacy of your personal data.

12. Warranty

Warranty is handled according to EU legal regulations. In case of defects you must give the seller the opportunity to deliver a replacement.

13. Copyright Restrictions

Copyright is reserved for all pictures, descriptions and texts on this website. Copyright for published, provided and/or created objects by/of the author, remains sole property of the owner of the shop. A duplication or use of such diagrams, graphics pictures or texts in other electronic or printed publications is strictly not permitted without a written agreement from the author and violators will be strictly prosecuted. In German Civil Code §106 UrhG (unauthorized utilization of copyright protected works) the law says: 1. Who spreads a work or a treatment or a transformation of a work in others than the legally certified cases without consent of the entitled one multiplied, or shows publicly, will be punished with imprisonment up to three years or will incure a fine. 2. The attempt is punishable.

14. Packaging Takeback Regulations

Due to legal regulations from 01.01.2009 on we are connected to a waste disposal cycle system according the german Verpackungsverordnung. If you want furter information on how to dispose off our wrapping material, please contact the recycling company Duales System Zentek: Zentek GmbH & Co. KG Ettore-Bugatti-Str. 6-14 51149 Köln Telefon: 0049-2203-8987-555 Telefax: 0049-2203-8987-981 E-Mail: dsz [at] Online: