Shipping country

Savings tips for Swiss buyers

High bank charges for bank transfers:

The transfer of an amount from Switzerland to Germany can be done by PayPal much cheaper than by bank transfer, for you as sender there are no charges at PayPal. Register there and you have eliminated the high bank charges!

Here are a few tips for reducing shipping costs and customs duties for Swiss residents of German cities near the border: Many of our numerous Swiss customers have their orders delivered to a parcel shop or an address of a specialized service in Germany. This gives you the low postage of 5 € for a shipment within Germany, and the items you receive do not have to be customs cleared until you return to Switzerland, which may be much cheaper than customs clearance by post. Here you decide for yourself how to declare your purchases. Most German cities near the border have such services for Swiss customers. Please inform yourself e.g. here:

Wir haben als Hilfe eine Übersicht über diverse solcher Dienste zusammengestellt, die keinen Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit oder Wertung hat oder deren Anbieter in irgend einer Weise von uns geprüft worden sind.

There you can then pick up your stored shipments and save yourself a lot of postage and possibly even customs. We hope to be able to give you some information on cheaper shopping in Germany and would be happy if you spend the saved money with us. The refund of value added tax after an export to Switzerland takes place on the way of the originally chosen payment method. For this purpose, the customer must provide us with a proper original customs stamped export certificate. Due to the effort involved, we demand a processing fee of 10.00 euros, which will be deducted from the VAT to be refunded. In the case of a refund to a foreign bank account, the customer must also bear the transfer costs incurred.