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Our new warehouse

Due to the constantly growing demand and the accompanying expansion of our offer, we were bursting at the seams again soon after our move in December 2007 in our new premises!

Fortunately, we were able to rent a new large storage room, which, with its meter-thick walls, is perfectly suited for the storage of fine and delicate wood: the former cold store always maintains a uniform, very little fluctuating temperature and humidity throughout the seasons. This is essential for the storage of wood that is so susceptible to cracking!

On over 250 square metres of shelving space, (almost) all stocks of wood are now centralised and sorted in such a way that individual articles can now be accessed quickly. Join us on a short tour of the new storage facilities!

Our attention will continue to focus on the expansion of our program in our webshop, the currently discontinued approx. 3000 items is opposed by about 50 times the amount of wood on the shelves: look forward with us to the upcoming articles!

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