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Ziricote Knife Blank 120 x 40 x 30 mm

Ziricote Knife Blank 120 x 40 x 30 mm

Ziricote (Cordia dodecandra) comes from Mexico, Guatemala and Belize and is a considerably small tree. The logs are seldom over 40-50 cm in diameter, thus the wood is pretty rare and not easy to find. The sapwood is creamy white, the heartwood colour ranges from tobacco brown to dark brown or nearly black with spidery black pigment lines that often overlap, forming landscape figures or spider webbings. In this it equals Brazilian rosewood very much, although it does not belong to the true rosewood family. A pleasing ray or fleck figure is visible in quartersawn stock. Ziricote is the most dramatic looking member of the Cordia genus. Its wood is very much appreciated due to its good tonal qualities by guitar makers, knife makers are looking for it for handles.


  • Length: 120 mm
  • Width: 40 mm
  • Height: 30 mm
Sample photos, actual pieces may differ.
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