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Sindora Burl Knife Scales 120 x 40 x 10 mm

Sindora Burl Knife Scales 120 x 40 x 10 mm
Sindora Burl Knife Scales 120 x 40 x 10 mm

Sindora, Sepetir (Sindora siamensis, Sindora cochinchinensis) is a large evergreen tree that can be found very sporadically in the semi-wild tropical forests of Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Laos. The valuable and locally very sought-after wood is hard and durable, termite-resistant and is used for house building, ships, veneers, furniture and agricultural equipment, but also for firewood. The very rare burls have a gnarled and strongly grained wood with a variety of brown, golden and reddish colours, the burl wood of these trees is spectacularly beautiful and wildly grained, often several colours occur in these burls at the same time. The sapwood of Sindora is cream to pink, the heartwood is yellow when freshly cut, but it turns orange to reddish brown after aging and exposure to light, and the wood is easy to turn and work.
As is usual with almost all burl woods, small defects such as inclusions, cavities, holes and small drying cracks can occur, which can be easily and quickly filled with a drop of thin superglue.


  • Length: 120 mm
  • Width: 40 mm
  • Height: 10 mm
Sample photos, actual pieces may differ.
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