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CITES Species Protection

Dear Swiss and international non-EU-customers,
Since 01.01.2017, all CITES Parties are subject to restrictions on trade in protected wood species.
As of 2023-02, the CITES list includes all rosewoods from the Dalbergia species (e.g. Rosewood, Cocobolo, Kingwood, African Blackwood), Lignum vitae (Guaiacum officinale), Verawood (Bulnesia spp), Bubinga (Guiburtia tessmannii), Cedro (Cedrela odorata), Honduras Mahagaoni (Swietenia macrophylla), Padauk (Pterocarpus spp).

When ordering from our store and shipping to a non-EU country you as the buyer and importer are solely responsible for complying with the regulations applicable to your country for the import of protected woods (and of course all other protected animals, plants and their components). CITES certificates valid within the EU are not valid for export to any non-EU-countries.

As of 22.03.2023 the following woods sold by us are on the Cites list and may not be exported from the EU into another Non European Country:
African Blackwood (Dalbergia melanoxylon)
Brazilian Tulipwood (Dalbergia variabilis)
Bubinga (Guibourtia tessmannii, G. demeusi)
Cedro Spanish cedar (Cedrela odorata).
Cocobolo (Dalbergia retusa, D. tucurensis, D. cubilquitzensis)
Kingwood (Dalbergia cearensis)
Lignum Vitae, Verawood (Bulnesia sarmientoi, Guiaiacum officinale)
Mahogany, Honduras (Swietenia macrophylla)
Rosewood, Honduras (Dalbergia stevensonii)
Rosewood, Madagascar (Dalbergia baronii)
Rosewood, East Indian (Dalbergia latifolia)
Padouk (Pterocarpus spp)

In case of non-observance, consignments may be confiscated by customs upon import and parts of them may be confiscated, such procedures are always associated with inconvenience and high costs for you as a buyer and thus as an importer. We therefore advise customers from Switzerland or other non-EU Countries not to order wood from protected species from us. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with any assistance in importing timber into Switzerland or other countries, as it is impossible for us to fulfill all the requirements involved. Trade within the EU is possible with these woods without any restrictions, but export to non-EU Countries is a special case, the bureaucratic requirements of which cannot be met by us and are not part of our field of activity.

Please be sure to observe the legal requirements. In this way, you personally contribute to the implementation of the worldwide protection of our flora and fauna and thus to the protection of our entire world from the destruction of habitats, plants and animals!

Further information on the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) can be found here: Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
Secondary information on the Washington Species Protection Plan (CITES) can be found in Wikipedia.

The German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) also informs you about this topic on their site:

Thank you for your attention to the guidelines! Help saving Nature!