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Ch006 Chechen Burl 345 x 350 x 20 mm

Ch006 Chechen Burl 345 x 350 x 20 mm
Ch006 Chechen Burl 345 x 350 x 20 mm
Ch006 Chechen Burl 345 x 350 x 20 mm

Chechen Wood (Metopium Brownei) comes mainly from the rainforests of Yucatan in Mexico, but also grows in other regions of South America and the Caribbean. The medium-height trees are widespread and play an important role as a timber supplier for almost all classical applications in building, construction and furniture. It is marketed under numerous euphemistic fantasy names that should not even be mentioned here, but a prominent name in his homeland is remarkable: it is also called Black Poison Wood, as the bark contains strongly skin irritating saps, which at skin contact turn black and strong toxic effect to the skin as with poison ivy. The wood itself, however, is completely harmless. The color of Chechen wood is very diverse and can range from coffee brown with red, orange and red stripes to very dark brown, often aged mahogany similar reddish brown becoming, the sapwood is light yellow contrast. The fine-pored and hard wood can be easily machined and dries easily without problems.
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  • Length: 345 mm
  • Width: 350 mm
  • Height: 20 mm
You will get the depicted articles.
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